Jan. 9th, 2017

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Happy 2017 Puzzlers! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season.

Thanks so much to those who kept posting in my longer than expected absence.

And thanks to everyone for your patience and understanding. No life is perfect, but mine is a lot more ordered than it was a few months ago, and my professional license is in tact for another two years. If anyone is interested, I will not be locking my personal journal posts on my continuing mental health adventures, in the hopes someone finds them useful or helpful in some way.

January will be a rest month here at Puzzle Prompts, to give me time to catch up on your all's stories and banners.

February will be a special amnesty month - Make Your Own Themed Puzzle!
You get to make your own puzzle from the pieces/prompts from any and all of last year's puzzles.
All puzzles are unlocked, and will remain so until the end of February.
The only catch, is that every fic must have an overall theme/setting.
I will give you some to chose from. Amoung them will be Valentine's Day (love, loneliness, jealousy) and New Years (beginnings). Chinese New Year often falls in February, but this year is January 28th.
More details (and banners) coming soon.

Have a terrific week, and may all your TV show premieres be awesome! 


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