Feb. 14th, 2017

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Happy Valentine's Day, puzzlers! I hope this day is filled with love (in any form) for all of you.

Banner note: Winner and Champion banners for September will be posted later today.

Regarding March's puzzle - we will do another Make You Own Themed Puzzle. You will be able to follow the same guidelines as February's puzzle, plus there will be spring themes on offer. I will post those soon.

A word about themes: Needing a theme isn't meant to be a constraint. It is fine to simply have your story set on one the appropriate holidays, have you characters snowed in together or participating in a winter sport/fighting a blizzard, etc. Simply use author notes to tell me what and how the winter theme is being represented.

Sample Note:
Theme: Aquarius - Being dead doesn't stop this Aquarian from being an unpredictable commitment-phobe.
Power Hour: Flight - August
Creature Feature: Vampire - May
Classifieds: Gaurdian - August
Cosmic Constant: Time - April

Questions? Please, don't hesistate to ask below or PM me. Cheers, and happy puzzling :-)
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Once again, I am very sorry about the delay on these banners. I admit, it's riduculous how long it's been. But I think it's safe to say that this crazy train is back on track. Cheers to all of you still on board. Choo Choo!

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Congrats to our One True Drabblers for September. Happy Valentine's Day! Your patience is much apprecitated :-) Please save these to your own hard drives and let me know when you get them.

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