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Good Thor's Day, Puzzlers! I know many of us have half-finished puzzles in the wings, June is mine and my first comm Terror SciFi's birthday, and there is so much flying at us through the screen (good and bad) that it seemed like a good time for another amnesty month. But with some options to make it more fun...

Your Puzzle Choices:
1 - A specific month’s puzzle.
2 - Make your own puzzle from any previous pieces, one to unlimited.

*To fics of either type and any length, you may (but don’t have to) add your own visual stimulation.
picture, icon, banner, gif, screencap, etc. Must be posted with the fic (no larger than 350x350px above cut). Please use sources where appropriate.

This means that you can essentially add any new prompt you want to a puzzle, as long as you are able to post a visual representation of it. This also means that a specific character/pairing/fandom of your choice can count as a prompt. And yes, an emotion/phrase/word can count, if you have an icon for it.
Example: A sexy fic using the random object from Whatober and a banner of Bucky and Steve kissing counts as a two prompt puzzle.

*If making your own puzzle, you may duplicate categories as you wish.
A fic using one creature feature, 2 power hours, 3 random objects, and your favorite Dali painting.

Puzzles due 11:30 pm, Friday June 30th.
Standard puzzle piece amount - fic length rules apply. Rules and Guidelines.
You may enter up to five fics for bannery goodness.
In your notes, please give us your completed puzzle, with category name - the exact piece - which puzzle/month the piece came from. Please do this for all fics, thanks!
As usual, the person who uses the most pieces wins!
And remember - all fics of any length will now earn banners with the author’s name :-)

The Puzzles:
April - Invisibility - Rumplestiltskin - Time
May -  Aerokinesis - Vampires - Mountain
June - Hydro/Aquakinesis - Mermaids/Amphibians - “Lost Boy”
July - Telepathy - Dragon/Reptile - Espionage
August - Flight - Felines/Sphynx - Warrior/Guardian
October - Magic - Forest - Zombies
November - Lightening/Fire - Birds - Hunting
April 2017 - Equines - Illusion - Racing
May 2017 - Size Shifting - Rodentia - County Fair

Puzzle Pieces to use:
Power Hour
Creature Feature
What’s My Line?
Adulting Sucks!
The Classified Section
Sports and Recc
Mother Nature
Cosmic Constant
Geology Rocks
Random Object
Random Descriptor
*Visual Stimulation

Have a great weekend and happy puzzling everyone!


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