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Title "Cats!"
Author pony_express
Fandom/Universe BBC Sherlock
Characters/Pairings Sherlock Holmes, John Watson
Rating/Warnings/Genre G
Length Drabble- 100 words
Notes/Summary, Just a quick drabble written purely to earn bannery goodness!
Prompts - AUGUST 2016 - 3 prompts (4 if Lestrade counts as "cop" - although he is only mentioned) cats (Sherlock is complaining about cats), musical instrument (Sherlock is plucking a violin), and cleaning up after someone (John is literally cleaning up Sherlock's mess)

As John cleared away the pots around him, Sherlock plucked away on the strings at the neck of his violin.

“Cats, John. Cats! They want me to find their cats!”

“I’d write to you and ask you to clean up after yourself if I thought you’d do it,” John deadpanned.

“It’s not interesting. Cats are boring.”

“Cleaning doesn’t have to be, y’know?” John hoovered by the window, hoping Lestrade would arrive with a case soon. He couldn’t stand listening to Sherlock moaning all day.

Sherlock continued to pluck, and John turned back to the mess.


John thanked the Lord.

Clan Terror Newsletter ~ May 24th - June 29th

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