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This is a community version of What Are you Reading Wednesday. This post will be shared Clan wide (between LJ and DW). All Clan members may leave a comment with reccs of your own - for fan fics, tv shows, movies, books, video games, podcasts, etc in our genres, related non-fiction/research/education, or on matters of writing/art/media in general. They will be the content for next week’s post.

For extended venting and squeeing, the Fandom Squee/Vent thread is posted every Thursday at terror_scifi (LJ) and terror_sffa (DW).

For promoting your own work, a weekly newsletter will be posted on Fridays. (Yes, definitely this Friday!) Also, I believe I'll start allowing genre appropriate fan and original works to both Terror blogs.
I finished this at 3:30 this morning and was horrified to realize that it’s sequel was the one book I ordered that hadn’t arrived yet. So, first, I’d say this old story still stands up after 20 years. In fact I enjoyed it much more than I did the first time around.

But I am very glad to have gotten the new edition, because Zahn has gone through and left us footnotes about several aspects of the story, including how the Thrawn Trilogy (and through it, the Expanded Universe) came to be, the limitations he had since this was before the prequels, examples of how young Star Wars canon was at the time of original writing and why a few details in this book don’t quite fit in with it, and of course, his process as a writer. I recommend it for anyone who enjoys medium level sci-fi novels, but especially if:

This is the first time you’ve read a Star Wars novel.
You want to understand more about the Expanded Universe, now called the Alternate Continuity.
You don’t remember a time before the prequels.
You’re a writer who enjoys hearing about the process of other writers.
You like learning behind the scenes trivia about your fandoms.
You’ve ever wondered what passively aggressive text messages from Zahn to George Lucas would look like.

TV/Movie/Music/Art - Twin Peaks: The Return
Why? ART! Emotion! Mind Expansion! Soul Expansion! Music! Getting to see one of the greatest directors of our time realize his VISION (w/o Executive Meddling!) It blows away every other fandom in terms of depth, creativity, realism, surrealism, and artistic integrity. And when your grand/kids take Lynch as a college course, you can tell them you were there.

Now, I know it may seem too late to get on this ride, but it so is not. Due to the Fourth of July, there is a week and a half before the next episode airs. So about three whole months left to go in the season.

The first two seasons (30 episodes) are on Netflix, HULU, and Amazon. Fire Walk With Me is on Amazon Prime, and rentable. Showtime can be purchased through Amazon for 10$/monthly. (Also on Showtime - Penny Dreadful, Dexter, The Tudors, Weeds, Ray Donovan, and Homeland, just saying...)

Watch/read order:
*Original Show (season 1&2)
Fire Walk With Me (prequel movie)
**The Secret History of Twin Peaks: A Novel (or podcast recaps)
The Return (Season 3. Meant to be watched two at a time! This is paced as one 18 hour movie/nine 2 hour movies.)

*After 2x10, you can start skipping over most of the plotlines, like Nadine/Ed/Norma, Harry/Josie, and Catherine/etc. You absolutely don’t need to watch any of Billy Zane’s scenes :-/  What you wanna look for are Cooper’s, Major Briggs, the Milfords, and the new villain scenes.
**Part 8, aka “Gotta Light”, aka “What the internet is currently losing it’s mind over” makes a thousand times more sense if you’ve read the book.

Optional Tie In Movies:
Mulholland Drive
Lost Highway
2001: A Space Odyssey (for Part 8 appreciation)
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