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Happy Monday, everyone! Just some friendly reminders for you...

There’s still time to enter a fic at [livejournal.com profile] puzzleprompts for the April 2017 Puzzle.

Banners for all entries, including participant and drabbler, will now be semi-personalized. More information.

Clan Terror now has a presence on Dreamwidth, with Terror Scifi, Myth Fan, and Aanime Fan becoming one multifandom, multimedia, speculative fiction community - Terror SFFA.

We are currently discussing Doctor Who season ten.

Have a great week, hope to see you around :-)
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Hello, Clan Terror members, friends, supporters, and lurkers. I’ve been giving a lot of thought about the move to Dreamwidth, and here is my preliminary action plan:

Back up all comms to DW (form mirror comms).

Close aanime_fan on LJ. (not delete)
Close myth_fan on LJ. (not delete)
Keep puzzleprompts open on LJ, with frequent importing to it’s DW mirror comm.
Keep terror_scifi on LJ open, but only for newsletters, and I’ll probably still post fan vids, thanks to the easy You Tube link.

Create a new home base on DW for Clan Terror, called terror_sffa, absorbing terror_scifi, aanime_fan, and myth_fan back into one all encompassing speculative fic community.

As much as I love, love, freaking adore having these three comms separated, it’s time to bite the bullet, and admit this way may work out better for me, you, and Clan Terror on DW.
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Good Evening, Puzzlers! Beginning with April's puzzles, Participant and One True Drabbler banners will now be semi-personalized.

Meaning, each banner for each fic will have the author’s name, but not the fic name. I will continue to hunt down pics for all fandoms for all banners, but sometimes, I can’t find a good one, even for champion banners. (I think I’ve lucked out on the winner banners, so far.)

If anyone ever has a pic they’d like me to use for their banner, please post it in the comment thread of the fic it’s for. That will be easier for me, than via PM. Screen caps are fine, but anything smaller than 300 pix probably won’t work well.

Also, for those of you moving to dreamwidth, I am hoping to have our mirror comm ready to go for May's puzzle, (if we don't move to AO3). More info and possible poll for all that coming soon.


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