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Hello, Clan Terror members, friends, supporters, and lurkers. I’ve been giving a lot of thought about the move to Dreamwidth, and here is my preliminary action plan:

Back up all comms to DW (form mirror comms).

Close aanime_fan on LJ. (not delete)
Close myth_fan on LJ. (not delete)
Keep puzzleprompts open on LJ, with frequent importing to it’s DW mirror comm.
Keep terror_scifi on LJ open, but only for newsletters, and I’ll probably still post fan vids, thanks to the easy You Tube link.

Create a new home base on DW for Clan Terror, called terror_sffa, absorbing terror_scifi, aanime_fan, and myth_fan back into one all encompassing speculative fic community.

As much as I love, love, freaking adore having these three comms separated, it’s time to bite the bullet, and admit this way may work out better for me, you, and Clan Terror on DW.
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Good Tuesday, Puzzlers!

There are some polls going on around Clan Terror your mod thought some of you might be interested in. They are open to all visitors. Why not stop on by, see what your fellow Clan members are into, get some inspiration, and help your mod come up with future content by leaving some votes?

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DC Universe and Cosmic Collision Universes and Star Wars Universe

[livejournal.com profile] myth_fan   'Dragons'

Cheers, and may the muse be with you. 
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Thanks to everyone who voted in the Favorite Puzzle Piece Poll!  Cheers to our posted fics this month.

I know this is a busy time for a lot of people. Your mod's job place keeps trying to get in the way of online biz. Here's a check in poll to see how many of us plan to post a puzzle for June.

[Poll #2047719]
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Happy Tuesday, Puzzlers! In my ongoing effort to perfect Puzzle Prompts, it has occurred to me that we could use more action/activity oriented prompt categories. So here is a poll with three potential new categories. You may only choose one option! Please, choose carefully. If necessary, there will be run-off polls.

Also, while making your decision, there is another poll below to expand the number of prompts in each puzzle to seven, instead of the current six. This is another effort to make this event more fun, user friendly, and productive for all participants. And to make my job easier, depending on the results of the first poll.

Adding a seventh prompt to each puzzle will only affect the special Puzzle Wizard level of winning. The word length guidelines, and levels of winning/bannery goodness, will not be affected. This is only meant to give participants more options to choose from. Any changes will take place for June’s puzzle. Cheers, and happy writing!

A reminder of current rules and guidelines.
New members are invited to vote in our other polls:

[Poll #2043863][Poll #2043863]
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Thanks to everyone who has taken part in the Creature Feature Poll! It is still open for votes and discussion.

This poll is to determine the powers (natural, supernatural, mechanical, etc.) that our members are interested in writing about. This may look like well over a year’s worth of powers, but they can be worked into other puzzle categories, like random object, and visual stimulation. It gives me an idea of what you all are into. It’s also a way for us to all get to know each other.

*Unlike my other comms, I prefer these polls and discussions be for members/watchers of Puzzle Prompts, or our sibling and affiliate communities only. But membership is open now!

Please check all that apply. Please use the comments to talk about any powers left off these lists. Discussion is very welcome! If we have differing ideas of what these powers entail, let’s talk about the possibilities!

Polls will open, and stay open, as long as new members are joining, voting, and discussing!
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This is a poll to determine the genres our first members are most comfortable with, or interesting in, writng. Two polls are below the cut. Please check as many answers as apply for each question.

Everyone is also welcome to leave 1-3 suggestions in the comments, for the creature feature puzzle piece. This can be any kind of ‘non-natural’ animal or person, named, or unnamed. Or the body part from such, like fur or fang. If this is a relatively unknown character from an old book/movie, please give your mod some extra info. These polls will be used to make up future puzzles. Next week's poll is Power Hour.

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