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Note: Player’s Masterlist for July will be posted as soon as I’ve read all your entries. I’m sure everyone’s passes for all the prompts, but since I’ve pulled out the mod hat lately, I have to be fair and do so with everyone. (Recent work and personal RL has kept me busy, but I hope to finish them tonight!)

Announcement: There’s been a special challenge issued within the comments of August’s puzzle reveal. In the interests of fairness, this is me opening the challenge to all Puzzlers for all Puzzles! I hope some of you find this new level of play inspiring. Let's let our muses have some fun!

Crack/Bad Fic Challenge:
Set your main genre to 'crack fic' or 'bad fic'.
Fics can additionally be romance, action, horror, etc.
Crack pairings also count, but the whole fic must still be 'cracky' or 'badly' written.
Use most (5-8) of the available prompts in silly or random ways.
Rather than being shown, prompts can be randomly mentioned, preferably as non-sequiturs that have nothing to do with the fic’s action/setting/etc.
The fic must still be well-written, and most of all - funny and ridiculous! Or melodramatically sad and ridiculous.

Please include “Crack” or “Bad Fic” in your header, along with the number of prompts.
There is also a new 'crack/bad fic' tag.
Entries will receive a special, personalised Crack/Bad Fic Champion banner!
*Crack/bad fics are not eligible to be winners.

Where is the line between humor and crack? I'd say somewhere around canon/reality adherence, suspension of disbelief, OOC, and no higher purpose beyond the ludicrous.
More Questions? Don't hesitate to ask below...
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Upcoming Amnesty Months = September and December.
Post up to four stories from any puzzle during amnesty months.
Normal prompt amount - fic length rules apply.

Future Puzzle Hints:
August: Flight (of any kind/source) and Sphynx/cats/feline shifters.
October’s prompts will be very seasonally themed.
November’s creature feature will be bird themed.

July - September = Puzzle Prompts and Cosmic Collision Crossover!
More information below cut...
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