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Title: Birds Gotta Bird. (Monkeys Gotta Monkey. Silurians...)
Author: dancingdragon3
Fandom: Doctor Who, slight xover with my original science fantasy world.
Characters: Vastra, Jenny, Twelve, Missy, Bill, Nordole.
Rating/Genre: PG, gen, mild violence, dark humor, possibly disturbing to animal lovers.
Length: ~ 630 words.
Accidental violence to a pet, dining on wildlife.
Disclaimer: Written for fun, not profit.
Summary: Once again, time travel goes awry, landing our heroes on the prehistoric Pacific coast. This is me seeing what would happen if I threw them all together.
Notes: Written for [livejournal.com profile] who_contest, prompt “wild animal”.
Also written for [livejournal.com profile] puzzleprompts August 2017. Robot monkey, humid, loquacious/babble/chattering.
Language Note: The word ‘malaq’ is based on the word for ‘large bird’ in Halkomelem, the Native American language ‘sasquatch’ derives from. (Guess what this fic was originally supposed to be about :-)
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Title: Mysteries, Golden and True.
Author: dancingdragon3
Fandom: Doctor Who, season ten
Characters: Missy, Twelve, Bill, and Nordole.
Rating: gen
Length: 1162 words
Note: Takes place between The Eaters of Light and World Enough and Time. This is my attempt to understand the Master’s truth in a sympathetic way.
Song Note: Gun's N' Roses - Knockin On Heaven’s Door
Written for [livejournal.com profile] who_contest “Heaven’s Gate” and [livejournal.com profile] puzzleprompts
May - Random Object - Vehicle - the TARDIS
June - Sports and Recc - dancing
May 2017 - Random Object - tea cups
Visual Stimulation - screen cap of the time rotor

On AO3

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Art and banner base by [livejournal.com profile] kuwlshadow

My fic is just a bit of silliness, but I suggest everyone check out Kat's fic. Very moving.

Winner using twelve prompts:
Bright and Fallen Lights [Sabrina the Teenage Witch] by [livejournal.com profile] katleept

Participant using three prompts:
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Title: For Want of a Box
Author: dancingdragon3
Fandom: Doctor Who
Characters: Jenny, Vastra, and Strax
Length: 598 words
Rating: G
Genre: humor, femslash
Disclaimer: Written for fun not profit.
Summary: Vastra and the gang attempt to use a vortex manipulator to travel to Scotland. Unfortunately, it also sends them centuries into the past. This is me getting my silly on.
Note: Written for [livejournal.com profile] who_contest One Shot Challenge # 50 - Future Shock. And for [livejournal.com profile] puzzleprompts February Challenge.

Theme: Jenny is trying to avoid Death. The chickens, dung, and farm equipment are symbols of the potential for new life/Gestation.
Creature Feature: Evolved Dinosaur - July (Vastra.)
Random Object: Time Manipulator - July (the vortex manipulator.)
Random Descriptor: False/Wrong - August (They were aiming for modern/Victorian Scotland, not the past/Late Antiquity.)
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Title: Non Sequitur
Author: dancingdragon3
Fandom: Doctor Who.
Characters: Tasha Lem, Bill, mentions of Twelve.
Rating: G, gen.
Length: 300 words.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Doctor Who.
Summary: Bill is hiding from aliens with Tasha Lem. They stop for a breather. The unseen Doctor is Twelve. Takes place before "A Good Place to Start".
Note: Written for [livejournal.com profile] who_contest drabble challenge #50 “crawl.” Also written for [livejournal.com profile] puzzleprompts September - July puzzle. One prompt - tunnel (the maintenence shaft.)

On AO3
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Title: A Good Place To Start.
Author: dancingdragon3
Fandom/Setting: Doctor Who. Begins immediately after The Name of the Doctor, and then goes back to post-Forest of the Dead. References characters from New Earth and Day of the Doctor.
Characters/Pairings: Eleven/River, Miss Evangelista, original characters.
Rating/Genre: PG-13, angst, romance, fix-it fic.
Length: ~4800 words.
Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who or associated characters.
Summary: After leaving Trenzalore, Eleven decides to finally check in on River in the Library.
Note: Written for [livejournal.com profile] who_contest one-shot challenge “Peculiar”.
Also written for [livejournal.com profile] puzzleprompts August puzzle. Prompts - flight (of the TARDIS and Library), evolved, sentient feline (catkind nurses and soldiers), soldier, wrong (The Doctor lands in the wrong time.)
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Title: Sort of the Beginning
Author: dancingdragon3
Fandom: Nu Doctor Who, series 4-7.
Setting/Spoilers for: Time of the Doctor. References The Forest of the Dead, The Pandorica Opens, Big Bang, and A Good Man Goes to War.
Characters: Tasha Lem, Madame Kavorian.
Length: 500 words.
Rating/Genre: Gen, light angst, timey wimey goodness.
Summary: How and why the plan to blow up the TARDIS was really set in motion. And yes, I do subscribe to a certain theory about the identity of Tasha Lem...
that she is River Song after the Library. Probably in an android, or possibly independent Nestene body.
Note: Written for [livejournal.com profile] who_contest drabble challenge #49 “Box”. And for [livejournal.com profile] puzzleprompts August with two prompts: flight and warrior/soldier (Tasha Lem is the supreme commander of her own army.)

AO3 Archive
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Title: Only One Applicant Necessary
Author: dancingdragon3
Setting: Doctor Who, at the end of 8x01 “Deep Breath”.
Pairing/Characters: Vastra/Jenny.
Genre/Rating: Gen, femslash, angst.
Length: 659 words.
Disclaimer: The Doctor and associated characters belong to the BBC, not me.
Summary: Jenny is jealous of Vastra’s attraction to Clara. But that’s only the surface problem.
Note: Written for [livejournal.com profile] puzzleprompts July puzzle, prompts= reptile (Vastra), metallic, time manipulator (TARDIS).
Also written for [livejournal.com profile] who_contest one-shot challenge #48 “Vacancy”.

On AO3
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Title: Who Is Like God’s May Day Morning.
Fandom: original
Character: Horus-Baldur, mermaids, hawk shape shifters, horned serpents, and more.
Genre: science fantasy, action.
Length: ~ 5000 words.
Rating: PG-13 for violence and swearing.
Summary: May Day goes awry for Atlanta’s daytime Chief of Police, when uninvited guests crash a mermaid party. Contains characters of original and mythical origin.
Prompts = mermaid, hydrokinesis, dancing, crunchy, cutting device - dark energy.
Note: I am ashamed this is so late, and I am completely abusing my moderator priviledges. I had an unexpected visitor today, and couldn’t exactly kick them out. Especially when they brought me presents.
In future, please know that I am an understanding mod, and will give everyone a...six hour grace period, in such an emergency. I would never want anyone to not post something they had been working on because of an unexpected something happening.

I sincerely hope this doesn't piss any of you off. If so, feel free to express it in the comments.
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Title: Riding the May Dragon
Author: dancingdragon3
Fandom: original fiction/Mesopotamian, Greek, Indian, Native American mythology.
Characters: Y’nan (Inanna-Aphrodite)/Lexan (Tezcatlipoca)
Genre: science fantasy, post-post apocalyptic, smut, established relationship.
Length: ~5700 words
Rating/Warnings: NC-17 for explicit sex, biting and blood drinking. Intersex character.
Summary: Two reborn lovers enjoy a May Day get-away from their families and divine responsibilities.
Note: Written for May 2016 Puzzle: prompts = vampire, mountain, high noon, vehicle, and clean.
Also inspired by May Day Fest 2016 at [livejournal.com profile] myth_fan.
Note2: This fic was written for this prompt and the May Day Fest, but is set in my original series.
Note3: FYI, this went waaay longer than I expected it to. But these two characters got excited to be getting some attention after a long time.

Riding the May Dragon on AO3
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Title: Well-Timed Rescue
Author: dancingdragon3
Fandom/Setting: Once Upon a Time, post 5x19 “Sisters”.
Characters/pairings: Rumplestiltskin, Hook/David.
Length: 1157 words.
Rating/Genre: NC-17 for slight description of sex, fantasy drama.
Disclaimer: For fun not profit.
Set-up/summary: Sometime after
Zelena pretends to join Hades, and Belle puts herself under the sleeping curse,
David and Hook are captured by Hades. Rumple is called upon to rescue them. He’s not happy with the task, except that it gives him an excuse to steal Hades’ helmet of invisibility.
Note: Written for April 2016: prompts = Invisibility, Rumplestiltskin, Careful Demons, and bloody.
Note 2: Believe it or not, when I made up this puzzle, I had completely forgotten Hades had a helmet of invisibility according to mythology. Imagine my delight when I read about it on the Wiki page.

LJ | AO3  
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Title: Ice at Home.
Author: dancindragon3
Fandom/Setting: A Song of Ice and Fire. Prologue of Book One: Game of Thrones.
Length: 100 words.
Genre/Rating: Gen, fantasy.
Disclaimer: I am not George RR Martin.
Summary: A portion of the prologue from a different character’s pov. For HBO only readers - takes place north of the Wall, where the Night's Watch encounter strange, ice beings for the first time.
Prompts/Notes: invisibility - he isn’t seen, and they seem to have natural, ice sourced camouflage. A winter’s night -Technically, it’s not winter at this time in the series. But it’s below freezing. There’s snow on the ground, and this is taking place just after sundown.

The wind caressed him, refreshing and clean. He followed the wisps back to where they tore at the soft, scorching surface of the Other.

He believed their shape and coarse texture caused the damage. Home’s Little Breath didn’t flow smoothly over them. It got caught, needing to break free. Perhaps, that was why they were such clumsy fighters. Little Breath tangled them up.

Glad to have Home, and its kin on his side, sensing his brothers in formation, he glided, unseen, across the branch. Not one sweet-smelling offspring trembled. Then he floated down to defend them all from the invaders.
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Title: The Descent Begins.
Fandom: Doctor Who, new series 1-2.
Characters: Harriet Jones. Mentions of Yvonne Hartman, Rose Tyler, Nine, and Ten.
Setting: Just after Harriet’s become Prime Minister.
Rating: Gen
Genre: femslash, angst with humor.
Length: 498 words
Warnings: Minor mentions of drug use.
Disclaimer: For fun not profit! I do not own Doctor Who and company.
Notes: Written for April 2016 [livejournal.com profile] puzzleprompts: ‘Careful Demons’: using the title and song lyrics. 'Time’.
Also written for [livejournal.com profile] who_contest drabble challenge # 46 ‘Down’ prompt.
Sequel to The Cure for Election Night Nerves, which shouldn't have to be read to understand this short fic.
Summary: In an effort to influence her, Yvonne Hartman has shown the Doctor’s Torchwood file to the new Prime Minister. When Yvonne is called away by duty, Harriet has a moment alone to reflect on what she’s learned.
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