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Puzzle Prompts! Eight Prompts in One! Puzzles change monthly.
All fandoms, original fiction, and poetry are welcome.

August 2017 Puzzle
Due by 11pm EST, Thursday, August 31st. (Give or take 12 hrs for emergencies.)
Power Hour: Faunapathy
Creature Feature: Primates
Geology Rocks: Comet

July Winner:The Golden Sea (To Come) [original] by katleept

June Players Masterlist

In The Family [TMNT] by katleept

Box of Secrets [DC Superhero Girls] by pony_express

Puzzle Pieces:
Each puzzle will contain eight prompts out of the following categories:
Power Hour - can be interpreted as magical, sci-tech, plant based, a superpower, alien, etc. *If an 'element' like water or fire, it cannot be mundane. It must be extraordinary in some way.
Creature Feature - alien, mythical, fairy/folk tale, urban legend, or supernatural creature, or a body part from such.
What’s My Line? - title, lyric, or line from book, movie, song, etc.
Adulting Sucks! - Bills, errands, chores, marriage/parent obligations, etc.
The Classified Section - Employment, jobs, callings, etc.
Sports and Recc - Sports, athletic/outdoor activities, hobbies, games, etc.
Visual Stimulation - artwork, icon, screencap, etc.
Mother Nature - weather pattern, time of day, season, etc.
Cosmic Constant - planet, comet, time, a law of physics, etc.
Geology Rocks - geological feature, activity, etc.
Random Object - can be considered mundane, magickal, a robot in disguise, etc.
Random Descriptor - color, number, mood, etc.
Moderator's Choice - Anything!

*What's My Line Note: You can use the words in the title, song lyrics, theme of the book, etc. Use author notes to tell what part of the prompt you're using, if necessary.
*Moderator's Choice Note: Mods of affiliate comms can add their own prompt in the puzzle, for the members of their comms, to use there or here.

The Guidelines:
You may enter up to three fics per month.
Fic length determines how many prompts you must use.
Only members can enter contest here for bannery goodness.

Use the most prompts, in a fic of any length, and win! There may be more than one winner per contest.
*Fics must be new and written for each puzzle, but can be used for other prompt/challenge contests/etc.
*Each contest will be known and tagged as the month it’s for. Example: 'puzzle: may 2016'.
*Deadline for each contest is the end of each month.
*Rules and awards subject to change with advance notice.

Fic Length Rules:
Write a true drabble of exact length = 100, 200, or 300 words = use at least one prompt.
Write 301-500 words = at least two prompts.
Write 501-1000 words = use at least three prompts.
Write 1001+ words = use at least four prompts.

Levels of Play/Winning:
Write a true drabble = Take home a semi-personalized One True Drabbler banner!
One-three prompts = Take home a semi-personalized participation banner!
Four-eight prompts = Take home a personalized champion banner!
Use more prompts than anyone else = Take home a personalized winner banner!
Winners will be posted in the sticky post/sidebar for a time TBD.

*Fics over 1500 words, using 6-8 prompts, may still be posted here, past the deadline, earning a personalized banner as A Puzzle Wizard.

Crack/Bad Fic Challenge:
Write a crack or intentionally bad fic, using 5-8 prompts and win a personalized banner. See announcement post for more details.

Posting Guidelines:
Use LJ cuts, or link to your own LJ, AO3, etc.
Use the month's tag and your member tag.

Subject Line = Title and how many prompts are claiming in the fic. If it's a Wizard entry, include the month it's from.
Notes/Summary, etc. - Please link back to puzzleprompts where ever you post. Even on AO3, thanks!
Prompts - List each prompt you are using! Even if it's the same month. Please list them by name, not category. We are all writing on the honor system, so please, no cheating!

*All ratings, genres, warnings, etc. of fan fic are allowed. Use appropriate warnings.
*All fandoms includes TV, movie, books, web series, comics, animated series, video games, etc.
*Member tags will be given upon first posting.
*Fandom tags will be given as needed.
*Please allow the mod 48 hours to make, and adjust your tags.
*For questions, concerns, tag needs, etc., see the Page A Mod Post.

*Members of Puzzle Prompts and/or affiliate communities (see below) may post completed puzzles of any type, wherever and whenever they like, irregardless of the contest here. Simply include links to puzzleprompts and the relevant affiliate community in your notes. This includes past puzzles, so please, have a perusal...

Puzzles Archive

Puzzle Prompts on AO3: Everyone is welcome to post their completed puzzles to the appropriate, monthly collection.
April 2016 Collection
May 2016 Collection
June 2016 Collection
July 2016 Collection
August 2016 Collection
October 2016
April 2017
May 2017
June 2017

Please be aware, your mod makes these puzzles, and will be writing for them occasionally, but I will never take a winner's place!

Open Polls:
Creature Feature
Power Hour
*Results from these polls go towards making up the puzzles. Please stop by and let your preferences be heard.

Puzzle Prompts Provides Prompts For:
aanime_fan For fans of American animation, CGI, video games, and cartoons. Fic, graphics, essays.
fanficfocus Multi-fandom comm for people willing to give feedback on others' fics.
myth_fan For fans of mythology, fairy/folk tales, and urban legends. Fic, graphics, essays.
mythology_kink For fans of mythology.
spn_bunker Discussion community for Supernatural. News, pics, tweets. Weekly events.
spn_dark_vault Supernatural dark fic community. Fan fic.
swanmills Shipping comm for Emma Swan and Regina Mills from Once Upon a Time. Fics and graphics.
terror_scifi For all your speculative fiction needs. Original fic and essays. Currently reviewing The Magicians, the MCU, DC, and OUAT.

Other Affiliates:
abc_onceupon Fan community for Once Upon a Time.
comment_fic Multi-fandom, daily prompt community.
doctorwho Fan community for Doctor Who and related fandoms.
femslash100 Weekly, multi-fandom prompt comm for femslash writers.
spn_on_parade Pop! figure comm for Supernatural fans.
verbis_diablo. Fan community for Penny Dreadful.
who_contest Bi-monthly prompt contest for all Doctor Who related fandoms and characters.

Puzzle Prompts is currently looking for other prompt, writing, and fandom comms to affiliate with. Please, see the Page A Mod Post.

**Disclaimer** No profit is being made from any text, movie, or television show. No rights infringement intended.
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